MINOR DAMAGE – Starts at $20 – Basic color and lighting adjustments, minor spots and yellowing, dust and scratches removed.

MODERATE DAMAGE – Starts at $40 – As above and including small tears, creases, stains, scratches, ink marks, large areas of background missing or damaged.

MAJOR DAMAGE – Starts at $60 – As above and including major damage to face or other detailed areas, missing parts that must be reconstructed, photo so faded that data must be taken from other photos for replacement.

EXTREME DAMAGE- Starts at $80 – As above but may also include the following:  photo torn in pieces, severe creases, background replacement, removal of people and or objects, severe fading.




This is minor damage – adjust lighting, remove crease , minor spots and scratches –  $20



This is minor damage – adjust lighting and color, replace corners, repair crease – $30



This is moderate damage – repaired large crease, stains removed and outer edges cropped – $60



 This is major damage – plain paper B&W copy of severely faded original 1943 color photo.  No color remaining, entire photo digitally hand colored according to subject’s description – starting at $100



 This is extreme damage – extreme color fading, reconstruct door in background to closed position – $100



 This is extreme reconstruction  – adjusted color and lighting, sharpened, remove subject and flipped photo to more natural position, reconstructed highly detailed background where subject was removed – $150


** Please note that these are only estimates – each photo is different. You will receive a written maximum quote for restoration after review of your photo. You are paying for our time – therefore, photos with major damage to the subject’s face or other detailed areas and photos containing more than one subject may take longer to restore. No work will begin until we receive your acceptance of our quote. We then require a 50% non-refundable deposit – that will be credited to your final purchase.




Portrait Retouch – Adjust color/lighting, smooth skin, whiten and sharpen eyes, crop image for close up. –  $30



 Portrait Retouch – Adjust color/lighting, remove blemishes, smooth and even skin tone, whiten, enhance and sharpen eyes – $30



Watercolor effect  – adjust color/lighting, saturation and digitally applied watercolor brush strokes – starting at $40



Digital Hand Coloring – Our most time consuming process – requires restoration process followed by very detailed hand coloring to your specifications. Depending on the complexity of the photo and the number of colors involved can take many hours to complete.  Due to stripes and other blown out details, total restoration of this photo was $300





Digital Sketch – Photo retouch combined with sketch effects and digitally applied texture – Starts at $40





Photo retouch, Black & White conversion with background replacement and selective coloring – elements from 3 photos combined – $75.00



Remove partial subject from background and reconstruct opening.  Flip photo to more natural position, full portrait retouch and add soft focus to Background.  This one was $60.00

Please note – all images are different in detail of work involved. Ask for our free, no obligation , review of your photo. You will receive a “worse case” quote for your acceptance. Upon your acceptance, before any work is begun we will require a 50% deposit that will be applied to your final purchase . To ensure your satisfaction , any requests for prints will be pending upon your approval of final image.